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Week Two (and Three) of Starting My Business

  • Figured out how to register my business on the TAP website, got halfway done (still struggling, so I emailed them)

  • Redid my website a third time, I think I'm starting to get the hang of Wix

  • Set up my Etsy shop

  • Started photographing art to add as products

  • Researched a large format scanning service so I could get better images

  • Added my favicon

  • Created and connected Google Analytics

  • Took artwork to the scanning service

  • Got two more commissions

  • Got advice and revised the setup of my website

  • Tried to set up YouTube--my company is too young :(

  • Added all my portfolio works to Instagram

  • Posted a recent work on Instagram

  • Posted about starting my business on LinkedIn!

  • Got my first two subscribers (my mom and my aunt)

  • Completed 7 graphics for my first Instagram template pack

  • Tried and failed to figure out how to authenticate my MailerLite account

  • Transferred my first payment from a client into my business bank account

  • Started tracking my business expenses using YNAB

  • Got too busy to update my blog!

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