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Week One of Starting My Business

On November 24, while on a Thanksgiving holiday visiting my mom and stepdad, I got the impulse to start a business.

I started selling my art as far back as high school when my stepmom arranged for me to do three murals for different family friends on bedroom walls (as well as some painting on my own bedroom wall), but I've never really considered starting a formal business. Every so often someone would offer me money to make art for them and I was like, "Sure, I can do that."

In October one of my friends asked me to create a portrait of her guinea pig Bun who had passed away and paid me to do it (tipped too!!) because she's incredible and so supportive. Then the week before Thanksgiving another friend (and my amazing boss) hired me to create a logo and mailer postcard for her new business.

I've been at the Entrepreneurship Institute at Utah Valley University for over six years now and my mom and stepdad own seven franchises of a disaster clean up company so I'm not sure why the time to start my own business is now, but apparently it is.

¯\_ (ツ)_/¯

I plan to use this blog as a weekly record of the steps I take to get everything going to look back on myself to see the progress I make and so that someone else starting a business in Utah might have somewhere to see what goes into starting a business and might decide, "Hey, I can do that, too."

Since November 24, I have:

  • Registered my business and paid fees using Utah's One Stop Online Business Registration

  • Tried to register on Taxpayer Access Point, but haven't been successful yet

  • Set up an email account via Google Workspace

  • Paid for my domain via Google Workspace

  • Created a free Canva account specifically for my business

  • Signed up for a Creative Market account

  • Started a digital folder where I can store all my business files

  • Designed my logo

  • Downloaded and learned Vectornator to make vectors for my logo files in color, black, and white as well as the logo mark on it's own for icons

  • Created a LinkedIn page

  • Created an Instagram page

  • Created an icon for both social pages

  • Applied for a business banking account with Bluevine and got approved

  • Started a budget using my YNAB account

  • Applied for a business license with Vineyard and received my license

  • Connected my bank account to my personal account to transfer the money I've already earned

  • Registered my business with the IRS and received my EIN

  • Created a simple Google webpage

  • Changed my mind and created a webpage with Wix

  • Decided to finally pay for upgrading Wix so I can use the domain I purchased

  • Begun creating my website with Wix

  • Begun setting up my Etsy shop (I need to go back now that my bank account is active)

  • Set up Venmo for business

  • Created my first three invoices using Canva for the illustration for my friend and the logo and postcard mailer

  • Taken my fourth client job and received payment

  • Begun designing my first Instagram graphic pack

  • Purchased some packs of fonts from Creative Market during the Cyber Monday sale

  • Created a MailerLite account to begin building a subscriber list

  • Created my email signature

  • Tried to connect my domain to my Wix site (I haven't figured it out yet)

  • Checked out Gumroad as a possible shop host

  • Watched at least a dozen YouTube videos from YouTubers who have started and been successful with digital products

  • Looked at existing digital products on Creative Market and Etsy

  • Visited a ton of event planner's Instagrams to get a feel for what an event planner might look for in Instagram templates

  • Read about sales tax in Utah

  • Watched part of a SkillShare video on how to create digital stickers

  • Started telling people I've started a business

  • Started this blog

I've done a LOT (thanks holiday weekend) and there's still a lot to do, but I'm looking forward to it. So far I'm having a lot of fun, even though it's mostly been filling out paperwork.

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