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Week Four and Five of Starting My Business

Missed my weekly update again! The biggest accomplishment of the last two weeks is completing two more custom images at full price! As a result, I also cashed my first check into my business bank account. Other accomplishments include:

  • Getting my first six email subscribers (thanks fam)

  • Completing my TAP registration

  • Created a sub-account in my business bank account for sales tax

  • Paid my first annual sales tax

  • Received my scanned images

  • Started my mileage log

  • Researched art licensing

  • Created my YouTube channel

  • Searched for frame mockups to use in my stores

  • Bought some new drawing pens and a sharpener

  • Completed two custom drawings

  • Hand-delivered the drawings in time for Christmas

  • Received and cashed my first check

  • Started posting on Instagram

  • Set up a Facebook page

  • Created a HubSpot account for managing customer information

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